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Our Plantations

Brewing the best artisanal tea

All over the world, discerning consumers are switching from mass-produced blends to artisanal products – from instant coffee to single-origin roasts, from bland mass-produced beers to micro-brews, from processed “cheese-products” to delicious farm-fresh cheeses, from blended scotches to single-malts, and so on across food and beverage categories.

So let's talk tea...

Forest Hill wild tea plantation

A fresh brew - a cup of wilderness tea

Unique to this plantation is the truly ‘Wild Tea’ gathered by skilled pluckers who climb bamboo ladders into the forest canopy to take the very top leaves. 

Tucked away in the wilderness it really is a forest friendly tea plantation producing some of the worlds most unique teas.

The farmers are encouraged to preserve the forest and its biodiversity with reforestation efforts.