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Putting our money where our mouth is - Our sustainable supply chain

Our growers are our roots, taking an innovative approach in today's environment to ensure that your cuppa has a sustainable journey from its roots to your mug.

Our company's approach reflects the booming global market for artisanal products and authentic experiences. Globally companies in most value-chains are putting pressure on producer prices and endangering fragile ecosystems in their drive to remain competitive.

Across categories from cafes, restaurants and deli food outlets we are seeing a change in consumer awareness, from purchasing of craft beer to gin & fine wines, cheeses and preserves, we are seeing a demand for artisanal products.

We are out to change the tea industry for good by providing a sustainable product to more & more consumers who are choosing to buy products and services which are crafted by hand on a small scale using local ingredients & skill.

Located in the Uva province, our plantation near Ella in the lush Sri Lankan climate is a model of sustainability, originally designed to demonstrate to others how to maximise local economic development through innovative value-chain investment while preserving the environment. This tea growing region is recognised as one of the least developed areas of Sri Lanka, with amount the lowest levels of income, education and investment. Everything that is done on the plantation is designed to improve local livelihoods & surrounding environment.

Producing quality tea for the market is based on a model that maximises local employment and incomes while protecting the natural forests and climate. Local farmers and craftsman are shown how they can develop their own value-added products and experiences for International markets.

The plantation has won numerous awards and has been featured in more than a dozen leading international media channels and publications. Some of these features include National Public Radio, Saveur Magazine, Dallas Morning News, The Guardian, The Telegraph newspaper, Conde Nast magazine, ARTE tv in France and Germany & GQ magazine in India.

Famous food critics in the US, UK and China have rated AMBA's teas as the best food in Sri Lanka. The teas are served by in many of the worlds top restaurants including NOMA in Copenhagen, Claridges Hotel in London and Bill Ginza in Tokyo.

Community development and environmental restoration are key areas of focus for the plantation.

Through the plantation we support a number of community development initiatives to improve livelihoods, including English teaching and exchanges, medical visits, donations of computers and toys and clothing, and sponsoring community events and families in need. 

Another fundamental goal is to protect and restore the environment in and around the estate. In many parts of Sri Lanka, deforestation, poor land management and excessive use of agro-chemicals is leading to erosion, flooding, habitat loss and heightened levels of kidney & liver disease. Everything that is done on the plantation is designed to minimise our impact on the environment, while restoring natural habitats and eco-systems.

Another initiative is the plantations partnership with the Mulleriyawa Halfway Home for women recovering from mental illness at the National Institute of Health. The ladies of Mulleriyawa make some of the packaging for the plantations gifting products.