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Celebrate New Zealand’s endless summer with our favourite mocktail and cocktail recipes. 

Try these Summer Cocktails at your next BBQ!

We’ve got the classics like G&T made into a refreshing mocktail, our fun crowd pleaser - the Blue Chameleon, and the popular Gingerella inspired Mule Tea. They look beautiful, taste delicious and have some hidden nutritional benefits. Not only that but they will have everyone guessing what the ingredients are… 

You can easily turn these non-alcoholic beverage options into cocktails by adding gin, vodka, or rum.

We tried to choose one champion 2022 summer recipe but really - we want to drink them all! The recipes are perfect to brew in a chilled jug for a crowd or to make individually for a few quiet afternoon drinks.


Love a Mule? Try this twist on an old favourite...

Mule Tea

A hot day needs a thirst quencher & this recipe has it in spades! Poured over a large glass of ice, it's easy, it's refreshing, and it's good for you! This recipe makes two glasses.


2 teaspoons Picker’s Pocket Pure Peppermint loose leaf tisane

1 cup boiling water

2 tbsp lemon juice

Gingerella ginger ale

Lemon slices

Fresh mint (If available)


How to:

Brew the peppermint tisane in boiling water in a small jug for 5-6minutes. 

Remove the leaves & chill. 

When you're ready to serve, add lemon juice & stir well.

Divide between 2 ice filled glasses and top Gingerella ginger ale.

Garnish with extra lemon slices & mint sprigs and serve.

Looking to turn this mocktail into a cocktail? Add a splash or 2 of Bacardi (30ml per serve)

Mule Tea

Try a little bit of summer magic...

Blue Chameleon

A mocktail/cocktail that is sure to get your guests chatting & amazed with your hospitality. With such bold (and changing) colour it's hard to believe that our Blue Chameleon is 100% pure!


2 teaspoons Picker’s Pocket Blue Lemongrass Tisane

1 cup boiling water

Fresh squeezed lemon juice (made into ice cubes with ¼ lemon juice & ¾ water)

Lemon slices

Soda water

How to:

In a jug with strainer, brew the Blue Lemongrass in boiling water for 6 minutes. 

Move the jug to the fridge & chill until cold. 

When you’re ready, serve with a jug of soda on the side & lemon ice cubes for some Blue Chameleon fun! Watch the pink colour swirl out of the ice cubes into the Blue Chameleon Mocktail.

Looking for a cocktail twist on this recipe? Try adding 30ml Vodka per serve.

Blue Chameleon Iced Tea

Love your G&T? Looking for a mocktail version?

Earl Grey Tea and Tonic

An absolute classic! The citrus pairing with the bergamot flavours in Earl Grey is a perfect combination. Garnish with a twist on the classic lime with Little Beauties freeze dried, New Zealand grown limes.


2 teaspoons of Pickers PocketEarl Grey Tea

Fever Tree or East Imperial tonic water*

Little Beauties freeze dried kiwi fruit to serve

How to:

Brew your earl Grey Tea in 100mls of hot water for 5 mins. Strain the tea leaves off and chill.

When you are ready to serve, pour your chilled Earl Grey over ice, split between 2 glasses. Take your favourite tonic, top up to taste & serve with fresh or freeze dried lemon or lime garnish.

*There are so many tonic waters on the market right now that choosing one might seem difficult. We love usingFever Tree’s orImperial Tonics - your favourite tonic will be fine as long as it is not too overpowering on the palette.

Earl Grey & Tonic

We love to see our loose leaf teas being used in fun and different ways, so be sure to share your photos of your summer mocktails & cocktails with us! And better yet, share your recipes with us so we can join in!