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Meet our growers- Wilderness Tea

Forest Hill Tea Estate

Hello, I am Buddika, the Founder of Forest Hill Tea Plantation.

We are located in Sabaragamuwa region in Sri Lanka. Sbararagamuwa region is categorized under low grown tea and most of the factories make orthodox traditional black teas. My concept for our teas is completely different compared to the mass scale production. I am 100 % committed to quality and make very special teas for niche markets. 

We are developing a forest-friendly tea concept from Sri Lanka. Our aim is to develop biodiversity in this valley through our tea business. We believe that you are part of our valued chain as well selling our teas we are focussing on bringing back the lost biodiversity in the region. 

Our signature teas are 'Waranagala wild tea'  and our Natural Tea Rods. Our wild teas are harvested from our abandoned tea plantation by climbing bamboo ladders. Each tree in the forest is numbered & we take care to only harvest the top tips and not harm the trees.

Waranagala wild tea is sourced from 130 year old, abandoned tea trees at the base of Adam's Peak forest. 

Our teas are organically grown, however, due to the prohibitibve costs on a relatively new business we are not yet organically certified. Our wild tea is what we like to call 'super organic' and our famers tea range is grown and harvested using organic practices and a huge focus on the reforestation.

We make our wild Spicy blend using spices that we find growing in the wild forest.  100% of our tea production is made within our valley. We are not blending with other estates or other regions. Our leaves are hand-picked as they have traditionally been harvested.

Tea plants can used in a variety of different ways. At the moment we are developing high quality handmade artisan tea soap with our green teas. We will let you know how this new tea initiative goes.

Altogether we have 6 employees, all of whom are from this valley. This includes a staff member that we are training so that they are able to develop their own business for their family. We pay a good salary,  and we support our employees with their childrens education. We also help our employees by improving basic infrastructure to their home, and give a sustainable living environment for the entire family. 

In our valley we have a 100% Sinhalese population so unlike many plantations in Sri Lanka, we have a team of Sinhalese employees. Our youngest team member is 43 years and our oldest is 55 years.

We hope you enjoy drinking our teas!!