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Brewing Tea

Picker's Pocket is bringing New Zealanders the convenience of loose leaf brewed teas.

Tea bags, although commonplace, are actually accidental....

In the early 1900’s tea samples were simply sent in small silk bags, when receiving the sample people found it easy to infuse the bag and not to remove the leaves for brewing as intended.

So, now we know that after 120 years the tea bag has become an accidental & convenient daily habit. Typically people think of using a teabag for a single serve of tea, made in a cup or mug. Brewing leaves in a teapot is a luxury when time permits, typically when sharing it with others.

Could we reverse this accident?

Could there be something in between a bag & a teapot? A creation that allows the convenience & freedom to brew your single cup of loose leaf tea for each cuppa.

The story of tea has been steeped in history so it seemed only right that we looked to the past for inspiration for the future.  

We spent time looking back through history at various teapots, strainers, infusers and the Chinese Gaiwan from the Ming Dynasty. 

We went through many design tweaks with a local potter in Queenstown to create the perfect single brew ceramic tea jug for daily use.

Until finally the Picker's Pocket Ceramic Tea Jug was created.

So, yes, we can reverse the accident.