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Kaley Tea Plantation

Home to wonderful Mama D - and her famous tea

In 1989 Sri Lanka was engulfed by war and insurgence. I secretly headed out at night to pluck leaves I always had. I knew of a traditional recipe, lost for more than a century. Freshly picked leaves are dried in the sunshine, pounded by hand in a stone mortar & cooked over a traditional hearth. It was tea I could make in my own kitchen, I made this strong brew for my family to enjoy. I hope you enjoy it, too.

Tea artisans

We handcraft our organic leaves into high quality small batch loose-leaf teas using traditional methods. The result is a variety of delicious teas that we enjoy & hope you will also.

As producers of hand picked organically grown tea, we are leaders in organic farming, continually experimenting with new methods and sharing the findings with others in the industry.