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Forest Hill Wild Tea

Harvesting our Wild Tea

Our plantation at Forest Hill is a pioneer of wild, forest friendly tea. The plantation is an abandoned estate called 'Warnagala' at the base of the Admas Peak mountain range in Sri Lanka's Sabaragamuwa Province.

The estate was originally planted by Scottish planters during the British colonial rule and abandoned for 130 years before we began once again harvesting the now wild tea.

The plantation is now a forest where wild tea trees & wild spices grow as big trees among the other vegetation surrounding the Adams Peak rainforest reserve.

Wild Spicy tea

From the same forest we gather wild tea leaves, wild cardamon and wild grown cloves. A true cup of 'wilderness'.

The result, apart from being absolutely delicious is a tea which is packed with antioxidants, improves blood circulation & anxiety. The clove is also. known to aid digestion. & strengthen the immune system.

Wild Tea artisans

Our teas from this plantation are carefully hand selected from 30-40ft trees, growing wild. It is no small undertaking. Each tree is numbered & skilled pluckers gather the leaves from the very tips of the trees, where the highest levels of nutrients are. Thanks to our growers and pickers - they are made with the finest leaves, spices and fruit - organically grown & absolutely delicious!!