Have you ever wondered if your tea should be made with milk... or how much caffeine is actually in your tea... or if it's rude to slurp your tea out loud? All that answered and more here!
We want to share a secret with you. It's easier to make a bad cup of tea than a good one! Yep you heard that right. For those of you that love a hot cuppa, we have put together our five top tips that can make ALL the difference.
If you’re new to the tea world or have been drinking tea for years, knowing the benefits to your mental and physical health will bring you even more pleasure per sip.
Each cup of small batch artisanal tea from Forest Hill is an experience.  This tea has been brewing for 130 years so there is no need to rush the finale.  Take your time, savour the flavour and close your eyes.  It is wild ceylon tea at it’s very finest and a rare taste you cannot find anywhere else.  

So, let’s raise a cup to the past. To a remarkable story.  And let us sip proper tea, the type people used to fight for and empires thirsted for. 

We’ll just do it a nicer way nowadays.  For this is a story that should have a happy ending.  We know it will too. 

It’s in our tea leaves.  

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