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Picker's Pocket - Conservation of forests

How are we working on conservation?

We do this by inspiring communities to earn a living in harmony with forests.

Since 1990, more than 420 million hectares of forest have been lost worldwide. This is more than the combined area of India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. We refuse to silently watch as forests continue to be destroyed.

Sri Lanka has lost 60% of her closed canopy forest cover over the past century. This is one of the highest rates of destruction in the world. 

Development and resettlement are the primary causes of this devastation. This destruction can only end when economic progress is achieved without harming forests. 

Our teas from Kaley Teas are grown naturally in a tea garden surrounded by forests that meander to Ceylon’s largest rainforest, the Sinharaja. The teas are made with the finest leaves that are hand-picked, withered by forest winds and handmade by artisans whose heartbeats echo in every drop of our tea. 

Everything we earn goes to nurture forests and uplift communities.