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Unforgettable Experiences in Sri Lanka

Elephants roam across the island, the irresistible white beaches are endless, primates run through timeless UNESCO ruins.

Sri Lankan locals are warm & welcoming, surf’s reliable, cheap prices, scenic local trains, freshly picked Ceylon tea and delicious food awaits. 

4x4 Wildlife Safari's

Wildlife experiences in Sri Lanka are authentic & diverse with so many incredible national parks to choose from. Spot leopards in trees, elephants by watering holes and birds of many colours guided by local experts on an unforgettable four wheel drive safari. The parks are all individual, each boasting unique scenery. Get close to and photograph Sri Lankan wildlife and birds in their natural environment. If you are a wildlife lover then your heart will be singing here!

Beaches and Marine Wildlife

Not only does Sri Lanka have endless stretches of golden sandy beaches, the coast is surrounded by a wide coral reef and the warm tropical sea water is home to a variety of migratory and endemic marine life. There are natural dive sites and shipwrecks as well as turtle hatcheries and natural homes to endangered species of turtle. Sri Lanka is home to the full spectrum of life under the waves.

A honeymoon in Sri Lanka or family beach holiday can allow an escape from the hustle and bustle of the daily grind as well as providing a gateway to the wonders of aquatic life while you enjoy the comfort of a beautiful beach resort in Sri Lanka. There is also more for those looking for a bit of adventure in their time at the beach.

Sri Lanka is home to an abundance of breath-taking beaches, much of the south and east coast have even been said to rival the beaches in countries such as the Maldives. The cobalt blue ocean at Trincomalee in contrast to the bright white sand is especially picturesque. Each of Sri Lanka’s coastlines has unique appeal to travellers from the fantastic waves at Arugam Bay, ranked as one of the top ten surfing spots in the world to the golden sand of Weligama.

Sri Lankan Cuisine

Embrace Sri Lankan flavours with a cooking class to learn about all the local spices and cooking techniques to make a truly authentic dish or visit the capital’s markets for a taste of Sri Lankan street food. With something to suit every palate and a unique blend of flavours we think you’ll love these experiences to get a taste of Sri Lankan culture.

You may be concerned about travelling to Sri Lanka in terms of what food you will find, there are many Sri Lankan specialities: egg hoppers, fresh crab curry, and coconut sambal to name just a few. Although rice and curry is certainly a staple and easy to find everywhere, rest assured ‘curry’ doesn’t have to mean too hot to eat and we have been delighted to find some of the most delicately spiced and flavourful dishes in local restaurants.Sri Lanka is not only famous for its tea it is also renowned for the exceptional quality of its cinnamon. Sri Lanka was first discovered by the Portugeuse in the 16th Century and soon became a favourite with traders and merchants for it’s valuable spices. Sri Lankan cinnamon is hugely versatile and as such is in great demand for medicine, cooking and even for perfumes. Sri Lanka has the perfect climate for growing a great number of spices including black pepper, cardamom, cloves, cocoa and nutmeg, many of which you will find in sweet and savoury dishes.

Ancient History & Architecture

For the architects and archeologists Sri Lanka has so much to offer, ancient history comes alive at 8 UNESCO World Heritage sites, all remarkably preserved and a history that dates back more than 2,000 years. Steeped in heritage, Sri Lanka is home to some of the best preserved Asian monuments and one of the oldest trees in the world.

For the creative among us there is plenty of inspiration to be found in absorbing the Kandyan Art Scene or discovering crafts such as batik, weaving, mask making or drumming. The Bawa family Geoffrey and Bevis provide a rich source of inspiration in both landscaping and architecture. Bevis Bawa transformed the family rubber plantation into an artistic sanctuary still accessible today and known as Brief Garden. Geoffrey Bawa is famed for his gift of being able to link ancient architecture to the modern world, which became known as Tropical Modernism. Sri Lanka’s Geoffrey Bawa is now recognised as one of the most influential architects of the twentieth century.

Tea estates & plantation visits

Staying at a tea estate or at the very least exploring a tea plantation during your time in Sri Lanka is almost compulsory, not only can you step back in time to Colonial England but there is so much to learn about the intricacies of what goes into your daily ‘brew’. For many we take the simple pleasure of a cup of tea for granted, once you’ve seen the work involved in picking each leaf tip by hand and drying the leaves and blending the flavours we hope you’ll be more inclined to savour every drop!

There is a real art to a fine tea blend and for those with a taste for learning more we have a number of opportunities to meet the experts and improve your knowledge.

Iconic Ceylon Tea is one of Sri Lanka’s largest exports with tea first planted by the British in the Royal Botanic Gardens in 1824. Years later when the once thriving coffee estates were all but wiped out by a fungal disease James Taylor started the mass production of tea by creating the first plantation. These beautiful terraces of lush green tea plantations not only make for a beautiful vista they provide some wonderful opportunities for hiking and immersing yourself in a slower pace of life.

Wellness & Ayurveda

If you want to put health and wellbeing at the forefront of your holiday then Sri Lanka is the dream destination. A number of local establishments offer traditional therapeutic treatments. Learn about Ayurvedic medicine whilst enjoying the peace and tranquility of your surroundings, be it breathtaking mountain vistas or soothing sunsets.

World Heritage Sites

Ancient history comes alive with a multitude of UNESCO Heritage sites recognised here in Sri Lanka. For 1500 years the island of Sri Lanka was ruled by powerful kings who each left their own significant legacy. The city of Kandy and the ruins of Polonnaruwa and Anuradhapura still reflect the majesty of these once great Kingdoms. These kingdom capitals are also home to the greatest concentration of significant Buddhist sites in Sri Lanka. Buddhism is widely practiced here and Sri Lanka has been the centre of Buddhist scholarship and learning for over two millennia. Sri Lanka has hundreds of places with Buddhist temples or with Buddhism related architecture, many of which have historical value.

Colombo Modern Sri Lanka

The culture of Sri Lanka mixes modern elements with traditional aspects and is known for its regional diversity. We recognise that Sri Lanka has an interesting history and it has faced many hard times since it gained independence in February 1948. Most recently a terrorist attack carried out on Easter Sunday in April 2019, the most significant events were the devastating tsunami of 2004 and the 30 year civil war which ended in 2009. Despite this, Sri Lanka has a remarkable buoyancy and there is constant progress on improving the country’s social, economic and political outlook. Sri Lanka is becoming more appealing to tourists as people visit and rave about the warmth and hospitality of the locals they connect with during their visit. Colombo, Sri Lanka’s capital is liberal and very cosmopolitan in parts almost in contradiction to much of the rest of the island.