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Travelling in Sri Lanka

Safety is often one of the first topics to come up when you tell people you’re travelling to Sri Lanka. On arrival and throughout your stay you will be treated to heart warming hospitality, welcoming smiles and a comfortable feeling of personal safety.

Like many countries, this beautiful island has had its share of difficult times and heartbreak. Resilient, however, Sri Lanka bounces back stronger than ever before. Events in history have resulted in stronger communities and a unity among the local people working towards a brighter future.

Sri Lanka has such a broad appeal for travellers and this has been recognised by successive governments who are now working hard to establish good infrastructure for sustainable tourism. 

With regards to personal safety, as with all destinations around the world take care of your belongings. It is always prevalent to take common sense precautions such as not carrying large volumes of cash that are easily accessible and being mindful of walking alone in unfamiliar places at night.  

Tuk tuks are inexpensive and widely accessible so that is a convenient mode of transport. We would recommend that you agree to a price you are happy with for the journey prior to getting in and this would apply at any time of day.  

We recommend travelling Sri Lanka with a private driver, not only does this offer the peace of mind that only local knowledge can provide but has added extras such as door to door service and secure luggage storage at times when you are sightseeing or taking the train.

Sri Lanka is a conservative country and in respecting this you should keep in mind that you must show respect to any statue or representation of Buddha, you’ll often see locals wearing white as a sign of respect when visiting significant Buddhist sites.  Other courtesies such as keeping beachwear for the beach will ensure you don’t inadvertently cause offence to the wonderful people you will meet along your journey.

Although tap water is not safe to drink, fresh drinking water is readily available. You should source filtered water and it is important that you always use filtered water for brushing teeth.  Be cautious of salads or food from street vendors that may not have been handled safely. Our team are locals and will steer you in the right direction so that you can enjoy the street food experience.

Driving in Sri Lanka is different, it’s important that you don’t expect western road rules to apply!  Government buses have the right of way regardless and you may find your driver is taking evasive action in order to avoid them – this is a good reflection of your drivers reflexes and not necessarily a bad thing!