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Single-Origin Hand-Made Teas

Unlike 99% of teas from India and Ceylon, all teas from our AMBA plantation are hand-made using methods similar to the age-old techniques used in China and Japan.

As a result, each of the teas retain their freshness and offer delicate flavours and aromas quite distinct from factory-made teas. 

Like fine wines, the teas vary according to the terroir, cultivar, season and processing method. The teas are processed using only renewable energy sources and grown without the use of chemical fertilisers or pesticides.

Many of our our teas are sourced from Amba Estate, a small organic farm in the Uva highlands of Sri Lanka. The farm is a community-based venture, with all profits reinvested in the local community.  4 friends from DC who all work in economic and social development founded the project to demonstrate to other small farmers how they can produce their-own high-value products on the farm, rather than just selling raw produce.  Amba’s teas are served and sold in many of the best restaurants and hotels around the world.  Chef Mikko’s is the first restaurant in the DC area to serve the teas.

Here is some of our favourites...


Slow-Withered Pan-Roast Green

A unique tea that is part green and part oolong due to the unusually slow wither. Like Amba TGOP, the tea is made with just one-leaf-and-bud and rolled by hand. Buttery caramel and citrus notes layer with soft vegetal and fruity peach accents with a hint of mint. 

Pickers Pocket Slow Withered Green

Fire Chai

Amba’s Broken Orange Pekoe blended with a magic combination of organic spices all grown on the farm: cinnamon, cloves, coriander, fennel, ginger, pepper and red chilli.  The resulting tea is redolent of mulled wine and makes a perfect hot chai or an invigorating iced-tea. 

Fire Chai

Organic Lemongrass Tisane (no caffeine)

This herbal tisane is made using only the freshest lemongrass leaves. The leaves are harvested early in the morning, then cut by hand and gently dried. As a result, the tea retains an intensity of flavour, aroma and colour which is quite unlike any other lemongrass tea. The resulting tisane produces a mix of flavours: lemon, black pepper, honey and a hint of menthol, with a fragrant almost eau-de-cologne aroma.

Butterfly-Blue Lemongrass Tisane (no caffeine)

This tisane has a similar flavour to the standard lemongrass, but the addition of blue butterfly-pea flowers gives it a stunning blue hue.  Add lemon or lime, and it turns purple!  Like lemongrass itself, butterfly-pea flowers are renowned throughout south Asia for their natural health benefits, aiding digestion, mental acuity, skin ailments and much more.