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Our secret is out of the bag

...and it’s simple:

“free-range” leaves make great tea!

Our teas are created to be enjoyed as a daily brew or a true artisanal experience. All are loose leaf & many are made in small batches by hand. We use only the finest leaf and bud to make our whole leaf teas. Our team goal is to create truly wonderful teas for our customers time after time.

We care about our workers, our community and our environment and we aim to provide sustainable employment and skills development. Some of our packaging is made by residents of Mulleriyawa Halfway Home at the National Institute for Mental Health as part of a project to provide livelihood and training.

What are our tips for brewing the perfect cuppa?

The secret ingredient for making a perfect brew is patience - 

take a little time to put the “ceremony” back into your daily cuppa!


Temperature matters...   For black tea and most herbals water just off the boil is best, for white tea 85-90 ͦC is good, and for green 80 ͦC is ideal.


  1. Fill the kettle with FRESH water because
    previously boiled water will spoil the taste!
  2. Put one teaspoon of loose tea per cup into the pot or a large infusing basket to give the leaves space to uncurl
  3. After boiling, pour the right amount of water over the leaves.
  4. Less is more as they say, since whole leaf teas can be brewed several times if all the water is drained off the leaves after each infusion.
  5. Infuse our black and green teas for 3 or 4 minutes and our white and herbal teas for at least 5

Whole leaf teas are pretty special and taste great without milk, but tea drinking is all about pleasure, so you should drink tea the way YOU like it best!