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Making a difference in Sri Lanka

We have been fortunate enough to team up with an amazing charity in Sri Lanka. The Kind Hearted Lankans has inspired us with their approach, they work hard for communities, they are always trying to get to the people with need. We are now able to offer our guests incredible experiences in partnership with this awesome group of people. Kind Hearted Lankan’s are such a dedicated group, giving of their time daily to help others. 

Our guests are able to give, knowing exactly where their gifts are going & who it is helping. You can donate time or any useful items directly to the people in need.

Kind Hearted Lankans Moto is  ‘continuing to inspire through random acts of kindness.’

We are including experiences in our itineraries that give you the opportunity to get involved in the local communities, to meet the children & the elderly & struggling and be able to give communities things that will really make a difference to them.

We suggest pens, markers, books and clothing & shoes, especially for children. Another well received gift has been bags of dry porridge. With our drivers as your guides you can walk through these small villages & stop when finding a family who you would really like to help & reach out to them. 

It only needs to take 10 minutes to join in this program. It can be as simple as giving out bags of oats in a local community. Alternatively  you can get involved in a larger project like a school or community project and spend a few days.

Picker's Pocket team members, accommodation staff & the Kind Hearted Lankans all put their heads down in the heat of the back shed to get on with the tasks of counting & packing bags with gathered stationary, (and dividing it evenly) ordering & collecting shoes & socks & finally visiting a local school in Sigiriya to give every child in the school new shoes, socks and a school bag full of stationary.

We have long lists of suggestions for where your help would really be appreciated.