At Picker’s Pocket, we’re inspired by the tea pickers we’re proud to work with.

We want to celebrate their stories and help share them with you. In fact, the name Picker’s Pocket was inspired by one of these stories. It’s the tale of an age-old practice known to produce the best quality tea, where pickers selected the finest tips and carefully pocketed them. At the end of each day these tips were hand-pressed by the picker, and the brew – along with the day’s stories – was shared with the people they cared about most.

In other words, Picker’s Pocket is about doing things the right way. For us, that means knowing exactly where all our tea is grown, and who grows it. It means giving our expert pickers the respect (and pay) they deserve. And it means sharing with you the story of how our tea came to be."


Good Tea

New Zealand Owned - hatched in the South Island of NZ

Direct Trade - grower to cuppa

Organically Grown

Forest Friendly - sustainable practises

Finalist - NZ Sustainable Business Awards 2021

Tea Leaf Trust - supporting plantation communities

More than a cuppa

Tea has traditionally been used for its medicinal benefits such as relieving stress, increasing metabolism, reducing. the risk or coronary heart disease, reducing hypertension, improving oral & digestive health. Tea is also credited with reducing diabetes, preventing Alzheimer's and some forms of cancer.

Tea is increasingly being used in cooking and culinary experts around the world are discovering new methods of using tea to add a novel twist to their dishes.